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FalconX Trading


Key points to focus on:

Instantly access up to 5x leverage on our platform with flexible short and long term financing arrangements

Maximize capital efficiency while minimizing liquidation risk with white glove institutional-level support

Identify + Capture true edge with stable, fixed rates + minimal re-rates

Deep capital pools + borrow liquidity for dollar/stablecoin and across the digital asset spectrum

Boost your capital efficiency and minimize your operational burden with post-trade settlement

Seamless, single touch, access to credit and flexible settlement with direct integration to our trading platform, API’s, and chat

Treasury Mgmt

Key points to focus on:

Increase your capital efficiency and  make your balance sheet go further with flexible and stable lending arrangements

Full white glove credit desk to solve bespoke, special situation, workflows

Earn interest on any excess collateral

Flexible Staking - Access our deep, discounted liquidity to mitigate market risk while bonding/un-bonding staked positions.

Borrow against staked assets - Leverage your staked assets to unlock additional buying power and increased liquidity

Lend idle assets to FalconX to generate guaranteed yield.

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